Oil, Gas & Water Treatment Process Packages
AMR Process is a Canadian Company with Oil, Gas & Water Treatment Process Packages in over 26 countries world wide & offices and alliances in nine countries.
AMR Process is a leader in design and build of custom Oil, Gas & Produced Water Treatment Process Packages.
FPSO, sweet, sour, onshore, offshore & cold weather experience & design.
AMR Process is a supplier of proprietary Oil, Gas & Water Treatment technology.
Holder of Patent Pendings and Trademark Technology.
The AMR Difference
Technology & Service At Its Best - The New Standard
From our origins in Alberta, the heart of the Canadian Oil & Gas Industry, and world leaders in heavy oil technology, AMR Process has grown to an ISO 9001 certified international company. AMR Process has offices in Europe, South America & Asia, and additionally alliances in Russia, Asia & the Middle East. Throughout this growth, we have maintained our unique approach to lead the way in technology and service . AMR Process provides process package solutions to meet our clients exact requirements as well as providing our exclusive cloud based AMR-Live® project management and after sales service, setting the standard in the International Oil & Gas Industry.
Oil Processing
Gas Processing
Water Treatment*
Corrugated Plate Interceptors (CPIs)
Induced Gas Filtration
Dissolved Gas Filtration
Nutshell Filters
Water Injection Packages
 *AMR/ENSEP Alliance
EG Regeneration
TEG Dehydration & Regeneration
JT & Refrigeration Dew Point Units
Fuel Gas Conditioning
Methanol Recovery
Molecular Sieve Dehydration
Amine Units / Sweetening
NGL/LPG Processing
Molecular Sieve Conditioning
AC-Plus® / AC-Direct® / AC-Tri® Electrostatic Oil Dehydrators / Treaters
Heavy Oil Technology
Heater Treaters
Oil Stabilizers
Sulphur Removal
High Efficiency Separation
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Our Approach
AMR Process is a recognized & growing international supplier of oil & gas process packages.
AMR Process supplies custom designed packages, and unlike various other suppliers, AMR Process offers our own proprietary technology and licenses to others.
AMR Process supplies advanced technology, as well as new innovative ways to work with our customers, such as our unique AMR-Live® cloud based project management.
Over 50% of our orders are repeat customers. This demonstrates our commitment to understand and work with our clients.