AMR Process sub-contracts fabrication to high quality, established, fabricators, with extensive histories in package fabrication. Currently AMR Process has country specific, main & recommended, licensed fabrication agreements. Additionally AMR Process has provided licenses to fabricators located in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East & Far East on a project by project basis.
AMR Process will also work with customer's preferred fabricators  to provide local content and technology transfer.
Below are a list of established & recommended AMR licensed fabricators.

North America

AMR Licensed - North America & Worldwide
I.Matheson & Co. Limited
New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
AMR's main North American fabricator for Worldwide International export.

South America

AMR Licensed - Colombia, South America & Worldwide
Intercol S.A.
Cali & Cartagena
AMR's main Colombian Fabricator, also suited for South America &  Worldwide International export.


AMR Licensed - China &  Worldwide
Ruiji-Greatec Oil & Gas Projects Ltd.
Wuxi, Jiangsu
P.R. China
AMR Licensed - India & Middle East
BGR Energy Systems Limited
AMR's part JV owner, main China Fabricator, but also excellent option for competative Worldwide International export.
AMR's exclusive Indian Fabricator, also suited for Middle East export.