News & Events
Dec 2016 -Petrotech Oil & Gas Conference India
AMR Process is pleased to announce its attendence at Petrotech 2016.
It is to be held in New Delhi, India,  December 5-7. Please come visit us at the Canadian Pavilion.
2016 Oil & Gas Conferences & Exhibitions
AMR Process is committed to maintatining its prescence worldwide as part of its ongoing commitments in ensuring up to date information and relations with AMR's customers. In order to facilitate this AMR has been pleased to participate at the following Oil & Gas Conferences & Exhibitions in 2016.
Petrotech 2016 - New Delhi, India
ADIPEC 2016 - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Heavy Oil Congress 2016 - Calgary, Canada
Jan 2016 - New South America & Middle East Sales Representatives
AMR Process is pleased to announce the following AMR International Representatives:
Colombia & Venezuela - Openin ( )
UAE - Servtech International ( )
"Both these companies bring localised experience and sales service, in order to improve AMR services world-wide."
Jan 2016 - ISO 9001 Annual Audit
AMR Process is pleased to announce that during it's 2016 annual ISO 9001 audit by the international accreditation agency SGS (, AMR Process received ZERO non-conformances. This makes two years in a row that AMR has not received non-conformacies during the yearly audit.
"We are very proud of the commitment of AMR staff to look to improve quality. and customer satisfaction at all times."
November 2015 - Staatsoile AC-Plus® Heavy Oil Desalter Commissioned with Unexpected Performance!
AMR Process commissioned their AC-Plus® Heavy Oil Desalter in Suriname with a performance that exceeded all expectations for 14 API oil.
  • The client is not injecting demulsifier at the mixing valve, allowing excessive emulsions into the vessel.
  • It is operating almost a full 20 deg celcius below it's required operating temperature, providing excessive operating viscosities.
  • In addition the oil is exhibiting conductive tendencies, which will short out AC/DC technology.
With the above issues the desalter is meeting and exceeding specifications of:
  • 0.3% water in oil BS&W
  • 250 ppm water in oil
  • 1 PTB salt content
This is occurring without any shorting issues that have been experienced with other AC/DC technology, and when compared to the existing older desalters at site, AMR AC-Plus® Heavy Oil Desalter is order of magnitudes smaller.
"AMR Process AC-Plus® continues to demonstrate that it has the solution for heavy oil operations, where past technologies have been problematic & failed."
June 2015 - Colombian AMR Licensed Fabricator
AMR Process is pleased to announce the signed agreement with Intercol (, as main recommeded AMR Licensed Fabricator for Colombia, and additionally South America & International markets.
Intercol has 25 years experience in fabrication of oil & gas packages, with two fabrication facilities located in Colombia. Their expertise covers all ranges of equipment, small to large, inluding sour service and exotic stainless steel. For contact details please see our fabricators section.
October 2012 - GOSGORTEKHNADZOR - RTN certification
AMR Process receives GOSGORTEKHNADZOR - RTN certification for its AC-Direct®, AC-Plus®, AC-Tri® electrostatic dehydration and desalter technology.
"AMR Process is the only supplier in the world that has approval for this trademarked technology for Russia"