Produced Water Treatment Products
Hydrocyclone Packages
Corrugated Plate Inteceptors (CPI)
Induced/Dissolved Gas Flotation
Primary separation process utilizing centrifugal force with pressure drop, providing separation efficiencies of 85-95%, down to around 10-15 microns, producing an oil in water concentration in the 25-100 mg/l range.
Used as produced water treatment for re-injection or upstream of floatation units.
Hydrocyclones provide simple controls, with simple operation.
An alternative primary separation process which utilizes gravity and enhanced Stoke's Law coalescing techniques to coalesce oil droplets. The angled sections also handle sulge and solids. Unit operates at atmospheric pressure. Obtains similar separation efficencies to hydrocyclones, but has lower CAPEX & OPEX, and is suited for lower flows. Can be offerred in a pressurized vertical skimmer option.
Induced Gas Floatation units are offerred as a secondary produced water treatment unit providing superior performance to primary separation units.
Utilizes single cell vertical options or multi-horizontal options. Can be offerred as hydraulic or mechanical skimming.
Essentially oil is skimmed to the surface with gas bubbles or mechanical paddles
Nutshell Filters
Injection Water Packages
Cyclonic Desanders
Nutshell Filters are a tertiary produced water treatment process that utilized a bed nutshells that creates a tourtuous path with high surface area, for enhaced oil collection. It filters out the oil which is flushed out during a backwash process.
Water injection systems may include strainers, filters, deaeration and injection pumps depending on client's exact requirements. All modulized and skid mouted.
Offerred as high pressure wellhead desanders, in-vessel cyclonic sand removal systems, and water treament desnaders.
These cyclonic desanders all offer extremely high solid removal efficiencies, handing high volume solid applications.

*Water Treatment Technology is provided by AMR/ENSEP Alliance